Roxanne. Bay Area. 23. Ocean. Beer. Love. Tattoos. Butts.

0 The motto 👌✨
0 Paddle boat picnic to end such an awful week. I’m always calmer around the water. #vscocam  (at Lafayette Reservoir Recreation Area)
1 Beer and Bukowski again. #beer #bukowski
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I got a chance to tattoo one of my bonsai designs on my old friend Chloe today! So stoked that her and my best friend @jeffpageau have been staying with us for the last week! #natemorettitattoos #traditionaltattoos #bonsailife #semicascade
0 Southern Hemisphere tonight. Chenin Blanc from South Africa, Pinot Noir from New Zealand and many other goods. Two weeks till exam. #vscocam
1 Can’t go home alone again-need someone to numb the pain #vscocam #vistapoint